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The FIRE Fitness Camp program is formulated by science, support and achievement. The 30-minute professionally coached and motivated sessions we offer have delivered remarkable results over our many years of experience. To this day, there has yet to be another fitness program to have more documented transformations. 



The physiological design of our programming focuses on everyday functional movements, combined with weightlifting and intense cardio. 


FIRE is the most rewarding program of its kind, both physically and emotionally. Our trademarked Marvelous Motivation System™ was designed to produce a positive health response, while yielding only the most incredible physical results and engaging the inner emotional side altogether. Our elaborate reward system keeps you attending training camps, while focusing on your next goal.

"We want to make our clients feel like celebrities, because after all, if you aren't your own biggest fan, who's going to be?" says Founder Hans Hartleben



Each and every coach at FIRE has earned his/her C.O.F.E. (Certificate of FIRE Education). Our criteria is very comprehensive and in-depth to ensure the most phenomenal workout experience on the planet. Our COFE consists of learning the FIRE programming and mission, exercise training techniques, safety protocol, client motivation techniques, and more. 


We pride ourselves on staying equipped on the most cutting-edge tech products in the fitness industry; from having a convenient phone app designed to keep our clients accountable, to our partnership with MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring system to keep our clients on track. We will continue to always deliver our clients the best of the best.

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It is our sole purpose to deliver our clients the most phenomenal workout experience on the planet.

Hans started out as a club manager at Anytime Fitness. It didn’t take him long feel the powerful effects health and fitness had on ordinary, everyday people. Where he saw the most value was in the Personal Training department.


He began overseeing many other locations and assembled his own training program and process. The outcome was NEXT LEVEL.


Hans personally developed a “CMRT” system that produced absolutely incredible results both physically and emotionally with his clients.


One of his major accomplishments was opening up his HammerFit training program to the public using an abandon restaurant for a facility, and nothing more than a few basic pieces of equipment. Hans was completely booked and unable to accept anymore clients within the first month. The results were unbelievable.  


Being that Hans has always wanted to offer his clients more, he made the decision to create a new hybrid training system called F.I.R.E. (Functional, Intensive, Resistance, Exercise) where clients could receive 100% more, for 80% less than conventional personal training.


The rest was history!


FIRE Fitness Camp is now the LARGEST and FASTEST growing boot camp style franchise in Wisconsin with over twenty locations open!


“I will never take my foot off the gas pedal and will continue to focus all of my work and energy on different ways to deliver our clients the most phenomenal workout experience on the planet.” says Hans.

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Hans Hartleben


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